Psychological Therapy & Psychosexual Therapy

Dr. Samantha Baradhi (CPsychol) is a Chartered Counselling Psychologist & COSRT Accredited Psychosexual Therapist offering both psychotherapy and psychosexual therapy to adults, couples and young people above the age of 14 years. 

With a special interest in schema therapy, she focuses on understanding how early life experiences have contributed to emotional and relational difficulties that can be long-standing and complex. Therapy works towards achieving greater insight and focusing on emotional and behavioural change to unhelpful life patterns, enhancing wellbeing. 

Samantha is an accredited psychosexual therapist with extensive experience of working with sexual difficulties across the life span. 

About Counselling Psychology

Counselling Psychology is a branch of applied psychology that focuses on a holistic understanding of psychological wellbeing, viewing each person as a unique individual with their own subjective experiences and meanings. This view provides an alternative to the more traditional medical model of psychological distress. Mental and emotional distress is not therefore viewed as ‘illness’ but as ‘difficulties in living’, understood relationally against the background of your life context.

Counselling Psychology’s values stress the importance of the therapeutic relationship, collaboration and a focus on well-being and potential, rather than curing sickness or pathology. There is indeed a more holistic view of the person, considering mental and emotional health in the context of the life cycle, environment and the relationships into which we are intertwined. The focus is the meaning of psychological distress rather than categorising distress as a psychopathology that lies within a person. In this way, psychological, social and relational aspects of problems are recognised and you are empowered to find social and personal solutions to psychological distress.

Counselling Psychologists are trained in, and draw on, a range of psychological approaches in an integrative way, mindful that where each individual is unique, what works for one person may not work for another. It also means being able to work with aspects of the traditional medical model (such as diagnoses) but not allowing them to obscure the person or to provide an objectified view of a person’s problems. Counselling Psychologists therefore work with the individual’s unique psychological experience to empower recovery, improve psychological functioning and alleviate distress.

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  • HCPC Registered Counselling Psychologist
  • Chartered Psychologist with the British Psychological Society
  • COSRT Accredited Psychosexual Therapist

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