Covid-19 Practice Procedures

Practice Procedures in Relation to Covid-19

The purpose of this policy is to set out our approach at The Broughty Practice for service provision during the COVID-19 pandemic. We take the welfare and safety of our staff and patients extremely seriously.

With the heightened awareness, anxiety and risk of contact between members of the public and practitioner/patients, we will be putting into practice procedures to help reduce any chances of cross infection within our premises. These procedures will address known and unknown risks with varying levels of evidence and value to help provide a safer environment for all.

The following steps will be implemented to avoid spreading COVID-19.

  1. Under no circumstances will we knowingly allow members of the public /patients into the practice with any cold or flu like symptoms that have not been tested for COVID-19.
  2. Patients with COVID-19 will not be treated at our practice and will be asked to stay at home in line with isolation and quarantine guidelines.  A video consultation can be provided as an alternative to visiting the practice.
  3. In some cases patients who display cold and flu-like symptoms and who have tested negative for COVID-19 may be treated. This will be down to the mutual discretion and consent of both the patient and practitioner.

 Video consultations

Please note that video consultations will be available to all patients. These consultations are available to book through:

The practice email:,

Facebook page: Broughty Pracitce for Osteopathic Medicine

Phone: 01382 774200

 The following procedures will help limit unknown risk and theoretical risk of contact and droplet spread from asymptomatic viral shedding members of the public, staff and practitioners. These procedures are a guideline. Individuals can take further measures should they require or request them. All adults are responsible for their own safety and should be allowed to take the measures they feel comfortable with.

  1. Distancing

Patients in the practice will be encouraged to maintain distancing measures.  We will aid these distancing measures by:

Limiting the number of patients in the practice.

No waiting room access

No toilet access.

No towels provided

Shoes to be removed prior to entry to the practice

Conversation with staff will be at a safe distance.

History taking from a patient will be at a safe distance.

  1. Temperature Check:

This will be performed using a non-contact thermometer prior to entry to the practice. Should the temperature reading display abnormal values, the patient will be informed and an alternative appointment offered, as it may not be safe to enter the clinic.

  1. Practice Hygiene

Additional cleaning measures are being taken, these include frequent cleaning of contact surfaces such as the following but not limited to; door handles, card machines and chairs. Hand sanitising will be strictly recommended on entry to the practice and at the available treatment rooms.

  1. Treatment Room Hygiene

All contact surfaces will be cleaned frequently. Plinth covers have been removed. Pillow covers have been removed and replaced with wipeable covers. Plinths and pillows will be sanitized in between each patient. Hand sanitation will be available in the treatment room.

  • Payment

There will be two payment options: Online payments via BACS, prior to the consultation, to the following account: Sort code: 83-18-33, Account No. : 00292311, stating the patient’s name as a reference ; or via a card machine which will be sanitised before and after use. Cash payments will not be encouraged.

  • PPE

Staff members and practitioners will have available face shields, disposable gloves, and disposable aprons. The level of PPE required will be at the discretion and judgement of the practitioner. If at any time the practitioner and/or patient are not comfortable with the level of PPE then treatment can be ceased.

Patients can wear sufficient PPE that feels comfortable to them within the practice and treatment room. We will not be providing PPE dressing to patients apart from masks. A patient must feel free to bring his/her own towel should they feel they need one.

We will not conduct procedures that involve direct handling of bodily fluids such as blood and saliva. PPE used at the practice is therefore not clinical waste and will be double bagged and collected by our refuse service providers

*This is a working document. The Broughty Practice reserves the right to adapt this policy accordingly.

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