Radial Pressure Shockwave Therapy (RPW)

As a clinic who specialises in sports and exercise medicine, we are delighted to introduce our latest treatment modality, Radial Pressure Wave Therapy or RPW.

RPW is a form of shockwave therapy that targets several sports and musculoskeletal injuries.

Shock waves were initially introduced in the 1990s as a medical approach to eradicate kidney stones. However research and advances in medicine demonstrated further benefits of shock wave therapy in improving bone density, healing tissue and regeneration in treatment targeted areas.

Currently RPW is applied in the management of various conditions involving bone healing, tendon pathologies, muscular trigger points, myofascial pain, and facet joint pain.

Some of such conditions that benefit from RPW are:

Plantar fasciitis
Achilles tendon injury
Shin splints
Hamstring tendinopathy
Tennis elbow
Golfers elbow
Carpal tunnel syndrome
Neck trigger points
Lumbar pain
Sacroiliac pain
Calf muscle stiffness
Patellar pain
Hip pain
Shoulder tendon pain.

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